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Create a body that is conducive to pregnancy.

Please feel free to contact us for any symptoms

There are many women who suffer from infertility. I hope this will help many pregnancies.


Technologies such as in vitro fertilization and microscopic fertilization have advanced dramatically, but there are still many couples who cannot conceive a baby.
The cause is related to blood deficiency, qi deficiency, kidney deficiency, qi stagnation, and blood stasis.
These are comprehensively prepared to create high-quality eggs and a fluffy endometrium bed to prepare for welcoming sperm.
Infertility is 50% female and 50% male. Treatment for men is always done in parallel.
In addition, the success rate of in vitro fertilization and microscopic fertilization increases by adjusting the internal environment through moxibustion and Chinese medicine treatment.

If you are worried about such symptoms, please contact us.

  • unexplained infertility

  • There are symptoms other than infertility that are bothering you

  • I want to increase the success rate of artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization

  • ​poor egg quality

  • Exhausted from infertility treatment at the hospital​

What is the approach of moxibustion and Chinese medicine?

・Chill out!

A woman's natural enemy is "cold". Due to cold, the blood becomes dirty and the uterine lining becomes dirty.

A child cannot grow in such a womb.

Moxibustion and Chinese herbal medicine improve the condition of the uterus and facilitate implantation.

What about unexplained infertility?

From the point of view of oriental medicine, there is no such thing as infertility without a cause. There is always a reason.

What is the quality of eggs?

Many causes are oocyte aging. Kidneys influence aging.

We are born with kidney energy from our mothers, but this energy diminishes as we age.

Moxibustion and Chinese herbal medicine treat the renal qi and prevent aging of the egg.

​ Also, when the kidneys are weak, sleep becomes shallow. This is the reason why the elderly cannot sleep for a long time.

Sleep is the source of health. Prevent egg aging with quality sleep.

What about infertility treatment fatigue and mental anxiety?

Fertility treatments are physically and mentally exhausting. When I hear that my friend got pregnant, I think it's good, but on the other hand,

"Why don't you teach me?" I understand. It's very stressful, isn't it?

But your life is yours. It makes no sense to compare yourself to others.

Moxibustion treatment increases serotonin in the brain and relieves stress.

Method of treatment

・Kampo medicine is divided into the follicular phase, ovulation phase, luteal phase, and menstrual phase, and each Kampo medicine is taken.

・Learn how to use moxibustion at home. Generally, you will be treated once every two weeks.

・Advice on diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc.


The main cause of recurrent pregnancy loss is the thin lining of the uterus and the lack of nutrients for the fetus.blood deficiencyis.

With this, no matter how many fertilized eggs are produced, they will not grow.

Treatment to increase blood flow is required.

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