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Moxibustion treatment

Not only the current symptoms, but also the balance of the whole body is adjusted, and the whole body is treated.

fair skin

lower back pain



autoimmune disease

high blood pressure

Acts on autonomic nerves and immunity

6 surprising effects

1. Balance the autonomic nervous system

Autonomic nerves are nerves that continue to work 24 hours a day to coordinate the activities of the circulatory, digestive, and respiratory organs. When you are active, it leans to the sympathetic side, and when you are sleeping, it leans to the parasympathetic side. Irregular life and stress break the balance of this autonomic nerve and cause various malfunctions in the body. Moxibustion balances the autonomic nervous system.

Diseases caused by sympathetic nerve excitation: hypertension, cancer, stomach ulcer, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel disease, infertility, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune disease, lumbago, stiff shoulders, etc.

Diseases caused by parasympathetic nerve stimulation, such as allergies


2.Hormones, immunity up

The autonomic nervous system also acts on the immune system. When there is a lot of stress, the autonomic nerves are disrupted and the immune system is weakened. Moxibustion acts on this autonomic nerve and increases immunity. In addition, cells are damaged by the thermal stimulation of moxibustion. It tries to heal the cells, resulting in increased immunity.


3. Relieve pain and inflammation 

The warmth of moxibustion dramatically increases immune system components such as white blood cells and lymphocytes, which flow throughout the body, relieving pain and inflammation. It is also effective for stubborn stiffness and neuralgia that are difficult to treat with massage.


4. Increase red blood cells

The warmth of moxibustion improves blood circulation and brings enough oxygen to the body. After moxibustion, you will feel lighter.


5. Metabolism improvement

The warmth of moxibustion improves blood circulation and promotes the discharge of CO2 and waste products.

6. Makes you feel happy

After moxibustion, serotonin, which calms the mind, increases in the brain, making you feel happy.

adjust the heat

In Japanese moxibustion, a grain of rice-sized moxa is placed directly on the skin and set on fire. Moxa is dried wormwood. Take it before it gets hot, so it's just a little bit hot.

In this technique, 3 to 7 moxibustions are applied to one acupuncture point. A total of 50 to 70 moxa is applied to the entire body.

It works well.


Onsen moxibustion is available for those who are sensitive to heat, have weak skin, and children. In moxibustion, pesticide-free ginger is placed on the skin, and moxa is placed on the ginger, so moxa is not placed directly on the skin.

I think that you can experience a comfortable warmth.

3000 years of history​

Moxibustion was invented in northern China about 3000 years ago. Of course, moxibustion is also written in the Chinese oldest medical book "Huangdi Neijing" written over 2000 years ago. Moxibustion is a medical treatment with such a long history that it is said that the current form of moxibustion was already completed in this era. It was introduced to Japan around the year 600 and evolved into a treatment unique to Japan.


The raw material is "Mugwort" which lives everywhere in Japan. Wormwood is known as the "Queen of Herbs" because of its many benefits. The mugwort is dried to make gusa. 361 holes on the meridians (14 meridians flowing through the body) and odd holes (more than 250 holes, not belonging to any meridians but having unique effects) I'm going to do

take care of evil spirits

I do the treatment while feeling the patient's mind, but I think that moxibustion also has a negative effect. It is an image of evil spirits ascending to the heavens with the smoke of moxibustion. Also, strangely enough, the affected parts of the body are covered with wormwood smoke. like a dragon. It's a strange phenomenon.

​ Why not acupuncture?

There are two reasons why I don't use acupuncture.

The first reason is that I became obsessed with the charm of moxibustion. I have been using moxibustion for myself and my children, and the results are immediate. The effect of adjusting the autonomic nerve is outstanding. Moxibustion is older than acupuncture. Traditional treatments work well.

​ Another reason is that when I do acupuncture, I take the patient's pain seriously, and I feel sick, such as nausea and a heavy feeling in my shoulders. I thought that my body would not last like this, so I chose moxibustion alone. For the same reason, anma massage shiatsu is also not possible. I'm sorry.

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