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Oriental medicine clinic in Switzerland


Yomogi-do is a moxibustion and herbal medicine clinic in Switzerland.

Treatment at our clinic is not limited to symptoms, but rather seeks out the root of the problem, provides appropriate treatment, and restores a healthy body. Various symptomatic treatments are given in modern medicine, but the direction is wrong.

By improving herbal medicine, moxibustion, eating habits, and lifestyle habits (medicine and food dogen), the autonomic nervous system is in order, the immune system is enhanced, and it leads to good health.

If you have any doubts about coping therapy with drugs, or if you want to find out the cause and treat the root cause, please contact Yomogi-do.

From September 2022, we started online Chinese medicine consultation.

We can deliver herbal medicines to your home in Europe and England. We also sell moxibustion that can be done at home (pedestal moxibustion) and herbal medicine.

I would be happy if I could help you with your health.

Spa Bed
Treatment menu

for mind, body and spirit

Our treatment does not focus only on the symptomatic area or pain, but looks at the whole body as a treatment target.
Let's get back to a healthy body by adjusting the internal environment.

透熱急 線香紫.png

Regulates the autonomic nervous system and boosts immunity

Prescribe according to your physical constitution

We will ship to your home in the EU or UK.

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