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​Organic supermarket Mutsumiya

​Health is based on diet.

It's my father's company.

Mutsumiya is the oldest organic delivery company in Sapporo, and has been around since 40 years ago when it was still not called additive-free or pesticide-free.
40 years of commitment to our products. We are a company that cares about your health.

We also deliver nationwide. Please enjoy the delicious ingredients.

Diet is the basis of health, but Japanese food is polluted.

Pesticides are also widely used. Most of the feed used in the livestock industry comes from overseas and is cheap. And some of the feed includes genetically modified crops.

Most of the food in the restaurant industry is imported.

The obligation to display products is also severe.

It says vegetable oil, right?

Is vegetable oil salad oil? rapeseed oil? Safflower oil? palm oil? Olive oil? butter? rice oil? There are many. And it is also carcinogenic.

Palm oil is the worst. Highly carcinogenic. But even if you don't want to buy it, it's not even displayed in Japan.

It is the mother who protects the health of the child and the dining table.

As much as possible, look at the product label and choose a product that has few additives, is close to the production area, and does not use palm oil.

Mutsumiya also sells sweets made with rice oil.

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