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What is the effect of moxibustion for safe delivery?

1 Moxibustion for safe delivery increases blood flow in the uterine and umbilical arteries.

As a result, the intrauterine environment improves, the fetus receives sufficient nutrition, and the fetus cries loudly.

And a gentle baby is born. It also gives birth to babies with black, fluffy hair.

2 The umbilical cord becomes thicker

If the umbilical cord is thick, it will be difficult to wrap it tightly around the neck, so it will also prevent dangers such as umbilical cord compression.

“I am accustomed to moxibustion, so I used moxibustion to prepare the intrauterine environment without rest from before pregnancy until childbirth. The children who were born had hair about 4 cm long, and their umbilical cords were thick and just the right length. He is indeed a very calm child. 』

Other effects of safe delivery moxibustion

1 Make labor easier

2 Healthy babies are more likely to be born

3 Good quality breast milk is produced

​4 Postpartum is good

5 Reduce back pain, buttock pain, hip pain, and pubic pain

6 Relieve swelling of legs

7 Eliminate constipation

9 Reduce stomach tension

10 chill

11 Relieves leg cramps in the middle of the night and in the early morning

12 Prevention of weak labor

13 Strengthen your baby's digestive system

14 breech prevention

15 Premature birth prevention

16 Moxibustion that gives birth to a healthy baby with good brain development and a strong gastrointestinal tract.

We will teach you how to do moxibustion at home.

my birth experience

I was 32 years old when I gave birth to my first child, but even before I got pregnant, I had been doing moxibustion to make my body easier to conceive. It is common to start safe delivery moxibustion from 5 months, but I am used to the stimulation of moxibustion, so I continued from early pregnancy to childbirth and postpartum.

The morning sickness wasn't enough to require me to be hospitalized, but it was very intense and I lost about 4 kilograms (I have a weak stomach from the beginning). spent.

Birth takes 3 hours for the first birth and 2 hours for the second. I still remember the doctor telling me that my umbilical cord was thick and just the right length. Maybe it's heredity, but when they were both born with fluffy hair, they were already about 4cm long. It was a volume of hair that seems to be a 1-year-old child. It's very good with breast milk, I raised it completely with breast milk, but the growth is always the top big baby. I drank a lot, cried, laughed, and pooped a lot.

I think the most important thing in raising a child is the health of the mother. It is natural for mothers to become frustrated and angry when they are not healthy. I continued moxibustion even after childbirth, so not only did my physical strength recover quickly, but I was also mentally stable. I still get angry and frustrated, but I rarely get angry or irritated. I remember watching it all the time because it was so cute.

I think there are individual differences in the effects of moxibustion and herbal medicine, but I was physically healthy and mentally calm and didn't get irritated, so I was able to enjoy childcare from the bottom of my heart. I think.

I'm going through menopause, so of course I'm still using moxibustion and Chinese medicine.

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