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cardiovascular disease

I wrote various disease names, but the original oriental medicine treatment is not a disease name.Please feel free to contact us if you have any symptoms.

First word!


Ladies and gentlemen, how do you think the criteria for high blood pressure are determined? Standards are getting lower and lower. I used to eat a lot of salt. As the reference value for high blood pressure is lowered, the number of bedridden elderly is increasing. Is it okay to eat such a low-salt diet and lower blood pressure? I doubt it. I suspect that they are lowering the threshold to make a profit.


Why do you think blood pressure increases with age?


Because that is the law of nature. It is also aging, that is, aging of blood vessels. Blood vessels become less elastic and the heart works harder to pump blood to the cells of the body. Too low is also not good. I think everyone's blood pressure threshold is different. You have to think about the standard value that suits the person by looking at the physical condition such as headache, dizziness, motivation, hypothermia, bloodshot eyes.

cardiovascular disease

Sympathetic nerve dominance is also the cause of hypertension.You have to improve air stagnation, blood deficiency, blood stasis, etc.If you want to control your blood pressure with Chinese medicine, please come and visit us.If possible, please come before taking any Western medicine.

Low blood pressure

I think that patients with low blood pressure have a lot of blood deficiency and qi deficiency.First of all, make sure your stomach is strong so that you can get nutrients from food.If there is blood stasis, clean the blood.Moxibustion and herbal medicine treatment.


Palpitations can occur during menopause, low blood pressure, stress, depression, etc.It can be caused by heart blood deficiency, heart qi deficiency, qi stagnation, etc.Heart palpitations that do not show any abnormalities on examination may indicate cardiac ischemia.

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