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Me-byo is between health and illness.

Before getting sick, it is a reserve army to get sick


To stay healthy forever
Come once a month

Pre-symptomatic disease prevention

Health maintenance Curative moxibustion Pre-symptomatic disease prevention
I want my body to move for the rest of my life.
We are not living for health. Don't be overly sensitive to "for your health".
Everything is moderately important.

The health method I recommend is regimen moxibustion.
When you say where to take care of it, it's the stomach and kidneys.
In oriental medicine, the stomach is "soil". Soil is the foundation of life. The kidney is "water".
Nutrient-rich soil and water are the basics for trees to grow. This also applies to humans.
It is said that health can be maintained by supplementing the stomach and kidneys. I think it's good to go to the hospital once a month.

Shikunshito, Shimotsuto, Rokumigan, Ninjinyoeito, Hochuekkito, Kihito, etc.

There are no abnormalities in the test values, but I feel unwell.
I think it's some kind of sign from the body. It could be a sign before getting sick.

Other symptoms
Please feel free to contact us if you have any symptoms.


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