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Painkillers are only symptomatic treatment. Be careful not to use too much!


At the hospital, pain relievers are prescribed for any kind of pain, such as back pain, knee pain, headache, and menstrual cramps.

Take pain relievers and the pain may go away. But it doesn't actually cure it, it just masks the pain.

Do you hate "pain"?

Pain is a natural phenomenon that occurs when blood vessels dilate to provide more nutrients to damaged cells. Physiologically, it is a process of healing.

​Painkillers, steroids block this process the body is trying to heal and reduce pain.

In short, you are interfering with the process your body is trying to heal.



Moxibustion and herbal medicine approach

For joint pain, moxibustion stimulates pressure points in the affected area and improves blood circulation.

By improving blood circulation, muscle damage heals faster.

​​Kampo medicine: Sokeikatsuto, Etsukajuto


A patient who had shoulder and elbow pain for 2 years and could not squeeze the cloth. I got over it in about 3 tries. I haven't been to the hospital since then, but I think I'm continuing my daily stretching.


The original oriental medicine treatment is not a disease name.

Please feel free to contact us for any disease or symptom.

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