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cancer-loving environment



・High blood sugar

・Decreased immunity

Let's prevent cancer by improving these with moxibustion, Chinese medicine, diet, and exercise.

Building a body that is resistant to cancer. Prevention of cancer recurrence. Reduction of side effects caused by anticancer agents.

​There are some anti-cancer drugs that attack only cancer cells, but there are still many side effects.

The problem with anticancer drugs is that they also attack normal cells. It robs your body of energy.

Why can cancer occur?

It's going to be a theory of Mr. Toru Abo, but this is very convincing.

The cause of cancer is a decline in the immune system (lymphocytes) due to sympathetic nerve dominance.

Overwork, mental illness, and stress are possible causes for the sympathetic nervous system to become dominant.

When the sympathetic nerve becomes dominant, the granule system increases. NK cells that attack cancer are lymphocytes and are sympathetically innervated, but perforin is parasympathetically innervated. A characteristic of cancer patients is that there are many NK cells, but there are many NK cells that cannot perform perforin and cannot be used.

Cancer cells also prefer hypoxia, hypothermia, and hyperglycemia. A feature of cancer cells is their immortality, which allows them to divide without oxygen. When the earth was formed and life was born (around 3.5 billion years ago), the earth was in an oxygen-free state. (Incidentally, we no longer have immortality due to the introduction of oxygen.)

Cancer cells have returned to this oxygen-free era.

In our lives, the sympathetic nervous system has become dominant, and cells have thought about how to survive in a body that has become oxygen-deficient. Yes, I wanted to go back to the old days and become cancerous so that I could live without oxygen. Adapted to an oxygen-free environment.

Dr. Anpo told me that if you get cancer, you should say, "It's been a long time."

Characteristics of cancer cells

Weak against heat: Cancer cells die at 43 degrees. In my treatment, the temperature is adjusted from 40 degrees to 100 degrees to directly attack cancer cells.

Hypoxia: Cancer cells hate oxygen. So moxibustion sends a lot of oxygen to cancer cells.

Hyperglycemia: Cancer cells love sugar. Do not eat any sugar during treatment.

Hypothermia: Hypothermia weakens the immune system. Moxibustion and Chinese herbal medicine raise body temperature.

Blood stasis: Cancer cells are a collection of dirty blood. Take Chinese herbal medicine that is effective for blood stasis.

These are also very important

・Don't try too hard

・Don't take too much responsibility

・Relieves anxiety

・Make brown rice meals

・I don't eat much meat

-Drink apple and carrot juice daily

・Warm the body by taking a bath, etc.

Don't think of cancer as an incurable disease


If you get cancer, I think it's good to consider oriental medicine and immunotherapy as one of the options.

And don't be afraid of cancer, change your lifestyle, way of life, and way of thinking to restore your internal environment to a healthy state.

The important thing is to always keep your lymphocytes above 35%.

I've written many times, but anything is important to your health.

It's no good if you try too hard. It's no good if you skip too much. Too much patience is no good. live at your own pace

I don't mind people's eyes. Focus on the good in others rather than their shortcomings. understand the feelings of others. Don't worry if you can't solve it even if you worry about it. If there is a marital problem that cannot be resolved, or a workplace problem, leave the place.

Sometimes it's charanpo, well, it's good.

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