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gastrointestinal disease

The stomach is the most important organ

There are various diseases, but the most important thing is to cure from the stomach and intestines.

The stomach is where nutrients are absorbed. In Oriental medicine, the spleen (stomach) is the source of qi and blood.

A strong stomach means that enough qi and blood are produced and the blood is carried throughout the body by the power of qi, leading to health maintenance.

gastrointestinal disease

Stomach pain can be caused by a variety of factors, including overeating, overdrinking, stress, and anxiety.

In modern medicine, stomach pain is treated with H2 blockers and antacids.

In Kampo medicine, stomach pain medicine is also different depending on the cause and constitution of the person.

Moxibustion treatment uses acupressure points such as Rokukyu and Zokusanri.


If you eat too much or drink too much and have a stomach ache, it is good to fast for a while.

​Anchusan, plum extract, etc.


This symptom is scary. ​

​ may be the beginning of a disease.

If you don't have an appetite because you overeat, that's fine.

If you have anorexia for which you do not know the cause, please contact us.

irritable bowel syndrome

Stress is the cause of irritable bowel syndrome. Due to stress, the sympathetic nervous system becomes dominant and constipation occurs.

If constipation continues, a reflex will occur and the parasympathetic nervous system will become dominant, causing diarrhea.

Repeat this. Diarrhea is a stress-relieving action, so we start with treatment to cure constipation.

​ I think that moxibustion is effective for adjusting the autonomic nerves. I think you will see results in 3 months. Give it a try.


Constipation can be caused by cold weather, lack of fluid (dry body), stress, etc.

In modern medicine, laxatives are prescribed, but in Chinese medicine, the medicine is different depending on the cause of this disease.

The large intestine is also related to the immune system, so keeping it clean will prevent illness.

​ Be sure to cure constipation.

Sanrei Hakujutsusan, Asakoningan, Junkosan, Mugijiogan, etc.


The causes of polyps are again stress and abnormal water metabolism.

In Chinese medicine, large doses of Nichento and Yokuinin are administered.

​polyps can also be a cause. It doesn't matter if it's before or after surgery, so I think it's better to improve your constitution to prevent recurrence.


​ Nichinto, Rikkunshito, Yokuinin, etc.

Other symptoms

I wrote various disease names, but the original oriental medicine treatment is not a disease name.

I will examine the certificate and prescribe a herbal medicine that matches the symptoms​.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any symptoms.

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